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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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SyscomTech’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly Division manufactures and tests to the highest quality standards for the military, medical, industrial, aerospace, telecommunications, educational, and gaming industries.

Syscom has invested over one million dollars in new equipment in order to achieve the highest quality standard utilizing the latest technology. The difference is monumental. We have increased our capacity by 3X and at the same time lowered our labor costs due to the implementation of fully automated production lines.

See the featured highlights of our new technology that separates us from our competition…


  • Component Placement as small as 01005
  • Pick and Place 55,000 components per hour
  • 100% BGA Laser Inspection
  • Automated Selective Solder Equipment for today’s Mixed Technology
  • Fully Automated SMT Production Lines
  • The very latest in Automatic Optical Inspection Technology

The platform we’ve utilized for years is Mydata Automation; an undisputed leader in Flexible SMT placement equipment. Syscom invested in the “Top of the Line” equipment, which utilizes dual gantry technology and is an All-in-One platform.

Our investment wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add award winning technology by upgrading to the latest Automatic Optical Inspection System. This was a must purchase in order to inspect and test components as small as 01005.

Our equipment page wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the Best in the Class – Selective Soldering Equipment. This equipment allows us to automate production of printed circuit boards designed with mixed technology. Eighty percent of our customer’s boards that have been laid out using surface mount and through hole components, can now be completely manufactured without hand soldering. This process can be accomplished using lead or lead free solder.

Capabilities List

Mydata - SMTMyData

  • Automatic Thermal Adaptation Technology for Unmatched Precision
  • Active Side Balancing for Maximum Throughput
  • Intelligent Surface Impact Control
  • Large Board Capability up to 22.6” x 20”
  • Agilis Feeder Technology – Servo Controlled with Programmable Acceleration for Maximum Feeder Reliability
  • G Vision systems including (2) High Resolution Cameras, (2) Standard Resolution Cameras and (2) High Speed LineScan Cameras
  • On-The-Fly Electrical Verification of Resistors, Capacitors, and Diodes

aoiAutomatic Optical Inspection

  • 5 Camera, 5 Megapixel High Resolution Telecentric Optics- Eliminates Perspective and Distortion Errors
  • Programmable Side Viewing Inspection Technology
  • Advanced Programmable Lighting with over 350 High Output LED’S
  • Pre and Post Reflow Capability
  • Advanced Solder Joint Inspection
  • Statistical Process Control Software
  • Laser technology to measure BGA coplanarity; accurate to 5 microns

ssSelective Soldering Equipment

  • Programmable Flux Deposition
  • Programmable Closed Loop Pre-Heat
  • Programmable Point-to-Point Soldering with High Speed Z Stage
  • Nitrogen Soldering Environment
  • Closed Loop Solder Height Control
  • Pass-Through, In-Line Operation
  • Process Witness cameras
  • Convertible to Lead or Lead-Free Smoldering Alloy

Vitronics 830N reflow ovens

  • 11-Zones
  • High power (350C) heater elements
  • Nitrogen capable.
  • Imperative to achieve RoHS quality standards.

MPM SPM Screen printers (X3)

  • Vision stencil alignment.
  • Semi-automatic.

Glenbrook XR2000 X-Ray inspection

  • Real time X-ray system.
  • Allows BGA inspection for positioning, voiding, and solder joint integrity.

PACE TF-2000 BGA Rework Station

  • Precise removal and installation of BGA components.
  • Dual vision camera for placement accuracy.
  • Up to ninety nine individual programmable rework profiles.

Microscopes and Inspection Stations

  • Vision Engineering Mantis inspection systems (X4).
  • 7X - 40X Zoom microscopes (X4).

Ultrapak Plus Wave Solder

Aqueous Cleaning Systems

  • Aqueous Technologies Millennium II in line cleaning machine.
  • Aqueous Technologies AQ-400 batch cleaning machine.
  • Resys closed loop 18 Mega Ohm water filtration system.

Blue M laboratory grade oven.

Circuit Cam Manufacturing based software.

  • Generates easy to follow color-coded work instructions for each assembly process step.
  • Import all industry standard ASCII and CAD files for easy extraction of assembly information.
  • Automated import of bills of materials provided in Excel format.
  • Automated import of CAD files and bill of materials minimizes defect opportunities.

Logical Devices Chipmaster Programmer

  • High-speed universal programmer.
  • Supports thousands of programmable devices

ESD State of the Art Production

  • Permanent ESD safe epoxy flooring.
  • Routine inspections.
  • Documented daily ESD procedures.
  • ESD manufactured work stations.

From simple surface mount designs to complex fine-pitch assemblies, from prototype SMT construction to high volume assembly, our state of the art equipment can handle it all. Visit our ISO-certified facility operated by our industry leading manufacturing team. Each of our team members is manufacturer rained and certified.

At Syscom Tech, we work to earn your business every day. Syscom has the capability and experience to meet your exact specifications, every time.

Syscom Certified:

Syscom Tech is ISO 9001:2008 Certified AND QC 080000 IECQ RoHS Certified.

Syscom Tech is proud to announce that we are one of the first Printed Circuit Board Assembly operations in the United States to achieve these two certifications.

Syscom Tech is QC 080000 IECQ HSPM (RoHS) Certified, ISO-9001:2008 Certified, UL-recognized, IPC-610 Certified and IPC-620 Certified. We are also an IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified training center; consider our expertise for your engineering and design needs.

American designed, tested and manufactured! Contact us to find out how Syscom Tech can help you meet your Printed Circuit Board Assembly needs for less



Syscom Tech •  1537 Glen Avenue  •  Moorestown, NJ 08057
Phone: (856) 642-7661  •  Fax: (856) 642-1111


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