Printed Circuit Board Assembly for Security Systems

Printed Circuit Board Assembly for Security Systems

High-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the critical foundation for electronics, smart systems, and security interfaces. As the demand for smarter buildings, increased security, and access control systems continues to grow throughout the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, it is increasingly important to have high-quality PCBs to coincide with software, functionalities, and environmental elements of advanced systems.

Syscom Tech manufactures networkable smart control systems and accessories that provide access control, remote control, and business and home security automation. We provide the opportunity to test prototypes with agility and accelerate product launch time with our knowledgeable team.

As the security and automation market rapidly expands, the printed circuit boards that Syscom Tech manufactures can power crucial security points in homes and businesses.

PCBs for Access Control Systems

Access control systems are complex security systems that can authorize entry to protected areas by recognizing authenticated people and devices. These systems can handle a variety of functions, such as communication, tiers of access, recordkeeping, information sharing, and recognition of authenticates through mechanisms ranging from RFIDs to biometric scanning. All of these functions rely on high-performance hardware and circuitry to handle complex commands and large traffic volumes.

Some of the most popular access control systems are:

  • Biometric

  • Proximity

  • Door

  • Security

These systems require PCBs for different points of control, including exterior entryways, interior doors, and a centralized access control device, where operators can program settings. PCBs integrate with security systems to provide better control and monitoring of protected buildings. Access control systems are popular in residences, commercial settings, and industrial and government facilities. Common applications include:

  • Access to hospitals and banks through smart cards and IDs

  • Access to offices through mobile credential

  • Monitoring entry and exit from industrial facilities

  • Controlling tiers of access at airports

The quality of the access control system is reliant on the quality of its working parts. The four key components to any secure access control system include:

  • Controller: This central device stores the information regarding authenticates, commands, and more.

  • Lock: The lock is an electro-mechanical part that opens on command from the controller.

  • Reader: These sensors can read tags and other input within range of its sensors.

  • Tag: Tags can range from single-function ID badges to small electronic chips in cards or phones.

PCB Assembly for Store Security Systems

PCB assemblies can be customized to suit a range of security and access control systems. Each PCB needs to have reliable connections for optimal performance and long-term use. PCBs can be highly customized with rigid and flexible elements and they can fit inside the increasingly small hardware configurations, which the market demands.

Along with efficient sizing and powerful operations, security system hardware needs to be able to last in the elements. UV radiation, moisture, dirt, and other adverse environmental factors can limit the performance of traditional circuitry, but the latest PCBs can withstand them to offer consistent connectivity and performance.

At Syscom Tech, we specialize in manufacturing long-lasting, high-performance PCBs that meet stringent design specifications and requirements. Our company is ISO 9001 certified, AS9100D certified, and RoHS compliant. Our manufacturing and value-added services are built to create reliable PCBs for consumer, commercial, and industrial security systems. We provide manufacturing, assembly, and inspection services for turnkey solutions and complete control over the manufacturing process. Whether you need PCBs to serve as the foundation for your security system’s controller or you want PCBs that can handle more complex sensing and command functions, Syscom Tech is here to help.

Choose Syscom Tech for High-Quality PCB Manufacturing

PCBs are modern circuit board constructions that use a variety of etching and milling techniques to print circuitry onto laminate materials. This process results in circuit boards that are more durable, longer-lasting, and less vulnerable to damage in mobile or exterior applications. These attributes make them ideal for access control and security systems. Contact Syscom Tech or request a quote today for turnkey solutions to your PCB manufacturing needs.

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