At Syscom Tech, we are one of America’s leading subcontractors, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the excellent quality and customer service that earned us that position. We optimize our production processes using advanced automation techniques to guarantee our product performance during short lead times and competitive budgets. These strengths are highly desirable for industrial clients seeking custom cable assembly or wire harness work, which requires ingenuity, experience, and close attention to detail.

Cable Assembly or Wire Harness?

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses perform similar enough functions that they are often confused, and some erroneously use the two terms synonymously. However, there are a number of differences that should inform your choice between the two.

Cable Assembly

A cable assembly is a customized bundling solution that organizes cables while also addressing specific assembly challenges. For instance, a cable assembly might be configured to protect the internal components from heat, moisture, or chemicals in the working environment. A wire harness, though, is not always equipped to handle these sorts of constraints. To that end, a cable assembly will tend to use a much more durable thermoplastic, rubber, or vinyl than would be expected in a wire harness. Cable assemblies may also incorporate more complicated organizational schemes and configurations, allowing them to fit into less conventional products.

The Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom assemblies, in particular, are ideal as they maximize performance under your specific constraints. Other advantages include:

  • Precision: Custom cable solutions can be made exactly to your desired size and shape for the best possible fit.

  • Flexible Functionality: A custom assembly can serve multiple functions at once, each of which is optimized to your unique application.

  • Quantity: Instead of ordering in bulk order and having excess cables left after the assembly is complete, you can purchase the exact amount depending on the application.

Wire Harnesses

A wire harness is a group of individual wires bundled together to keep them organized. Sometimes, there are sheaths that cover a combination of wires and cables, each of which is already insulated, to keep related conductors together. Wire Harnesses are housed within a larger piece of equipment and generally not made for protective purposes, but this covering does provide some additional safety from the environment.

The Benefits of Wire Harnesses

  • Safety: A wire harness accounts for all possible hazards present in your workplace, protecting both technicians and equipment from harm. Bundling conductors together also minimizes the chances of a short or fire thanks to the added structural support.

  • Organization: Nobody has time to deal with miles of unorganized conductors. Harnesses allow wires and cables to be logically sorted and even coded according to your needs.

  • Intuitive Installation: An added benefit of bundling wires is that installation becomes much simpler, as does maintenance.

Syscom Tech Gets the Job Done!

At Syscom Tech, our dedicated Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Division works closely with clients from across industries to supply high-performance, discrete wire assemblies, wire harnesses, flat ribbon cables, and more. Regardless of the project, our specialists draw on extensive industry knowledge to identify the most efficient methods of production, cutting costs without cutting corners.

We combine a skilled team with state-of-the-art equipment to produce wire assemblies to your exact specifications. Our facilities are stocked with advanced machinery including:

  • Wire Cutting and Strip Machines

  • Bench Strippers 

  • Crimp Press Machines

  • Automatic Cable Tie Installation Systems

  • Cable Testing Machines

This equipment helps us achieve the highest attainable quality for all our products, each of which undergoes extensive testing before leaving our facility. Whatever your harness or assembly needs, Syscom Tech is an ideal partner for U.S.-based production and distribution.

To learn more, get in touch with our responsive customer service representatives or request a quick quote with your project details.