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At Syscom Tech, we specialize in electronic manufacturing services, including cutting-edge manufacturing processes, turnkey solutions, and value-added processes for a wide range of industries. We value expertise and state-of-the-art technology so we can exceed each of our customers’ expectations. One priority is quality management; throughout a Quality Control System, maintain stringent documentation and quality standards for each project. Our company is AS 9100D and ISO:9001:2015 certified. We are also RoHS compliant, and maintain IPC training certificates. Our customers can have the peace of mind knowing every aspect of their projects are expertly handled.Printed Circuit Boards for Aviation, Space, & Defense

When you choose Syscom Tech, you have access to our extensive range of in-house capabilities. We handle fabrication, finishing, and assembly all under one roof. Our distribution and value-added services are managed in-house to maintain complete quality control and oversight of the project. These in-house capabilities include:

  • Assembly, testing and inspection of printed circuit board assemblies

  • Start-of-the-art soldering equipment and expertise, for both surface mount, and through-hole configurations for PCB assemblies

  • Assembly of industrial control panels and other industrial electromechanical systems

  • Manufacturing, assembly, and supply of cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and flat ribbon cables

  • Component distribution, and value-added services

We’re proud to serve several different industries, including aerospace, avionics, military and defense.

PCB Assembly for the Aviation, Space, & Defense Industries

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential for the harsh operating conditions and need for complete reliability that aerospace and aviation applications demand. PCBs can withstand the highly radioactive conditions that devices potentially face in outer space and low-Earth orbit (LOE) environments, as well as the temperature extremes avionic equipment face throughout every step of their journey. Because PCBs are built from tightly constructed elements, they can survive the harsh vibration and shock of high-speed travel, outer space operations, and the jarring impact of lift-off and landing. Another key advantage of PCBs are their ability to receive and communicate in a wide range of radio signals.

Ultimately, PCBs offer the reliable performance, resistance to environmental challenges, and long-lasting structural stability that electronic equipment in the aerospace and avionics industries require. Flight equipment requires technology with a guarantee of zero defects. PCBs are commonly used in satellites, space equipment, aircraft carriers, and more.

Military and Defense Electronics Manufacturing

Just as in the avionics and aerospace industries, military and defense sectors need electronic components with a zero-failure guarantee and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions during long-term initiatives. Printed circuit must be resistant to hazards that defense equipment may face in the field, including rough environments, extreme low and high temperatures, chemicals and other contaminants, and shock or vibration.

It’s essential that companies look for PCB manufacturers who can meet strict military standards with tight components tolerances to ensure reliable performance. For military and defense operations, especially, PCBs must have the ability to function properly in equipment during trials of urgency or combat, not to mention seamless integration into existing protocols or missions. Military processes are dependent on information systems and failure-proof communication systems that PCBs play a major role in.

Some of the certifications and standards PCB manufacturers must meet include:

  • AS9100D: The aerospace industry uses AS9100 to govern quality control demands to ensure equipment and products meet standards established by the Department of Defense (DoD), FAA, and NASA, and they’re based on ISO 9001 standards.

  • ITAR: ITAR, or International Traffic in Arms regulation, standards govern import and export processes for defense-related services and products.

Choose Syscom Tech for All Your Mission-Critical Projects

Whether your goal is to push the limits with new technology or support legacy products, Syscom Tech can help you deliver mission-critical products on-time, every time. Our unique processes meet stringent reliability requirements, utilize test strategies, and maximize production reliability in collaboration with our customers.

Throughout our long history in the EMS industry, we have developed leading-edge technology and quality process controls that make us the strategic partner of choice.

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EMS Expertise in Aerospace, Avionics & Defense

— Munitions and air traffic control

— Secure Communication Device

— Military Avionics Test Equipment

— Radar data processing Equipment

— Ruggedized mobile computers

— Secured cockpit encryption systems

— Missile launch platforms

— Targeting & surveillance systems

— UAV control systems

— Handheld tactical radios

— Rocket guidance

— Spacecraft navigation